Bryan Jadot's headshot

I'm Bryan.

Full-stack engineering leader.

My Experience.

  • Dropbox (2012 – 2019)

    Dropbox (2012 – 2019)

    • Engineering manager for a full-stack team (4 FE, 5 BE, 1 ML) overseeing the surfaces users first see when they interact with Dropbox on Desktop and Web. This team also builds our new Personalization experiences that leverages ML to help users get back to their files and other content faster.
    • Developed "Content Suggestions" on web that increased opens by 30% on the logged-in homepage and increased website-wide retention by 2%.
    • Developed "Content Suggestions" on desktop that are driving 100k MAU.
    • Rebuilt the Desktop Tray from scratch, bringing personalized experiences that are driving 100k MAU. Also, redesigned the overall experience to improve usability and understandability
    • Reduced TTI (p75) of the Dropbox logged-in homepage from >6s to 2.7s.
  • Facebook (2011)

    Facebook (2011)

    • Software Engineering Intern
    • Worked on a number of projects aimed at building out the Facebook Credits' front-end. Facebook Credits are a discontinued virtual currency, designed by Facebook for usage in their stores.
  • Caltech (2009 – 2013)

    Caltech (2009 – 2013)

    • Graduated with Honors with a B.S. in Computer Science.
    • Helped lead Dropbox's entrepreneurship club, organizing trips to meet with Bay Area tech companies and entrepreneurs.
    • Teaching Assistant for many classes, including C, C++, Python and Algorithms.

My Projects.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    • Game (link)
    • Source (link)
    • A little tic tac toe game I made to practice the latest and greatest of ReactJS and redux.
    • Served from S3 with Cloudflare as CDN. I've found better load times with Cloudfront in my tests, but Cloudflare has a better cost model and more features.
    • Planning to make it multiplayer to get to know Amazon Lambda and DynamoDB.
  • Speed Crypto Miner

    • Source (link)
    • At the peak of the crypto bubble in early 2018, I built this miner to mine multiple coins based on their profitability.
    • Built for GPU miners, not ASICs so may not be profitable anymore depending on your utility costs.
    • Users can configure this to mine with Nicehash, zPool or add their own pool.
    • Runs benchmarks on your machine to determine which miner will be fastest to use per coin/algorithm.
  • My Website

    • Website (link)
    • Source (link)
    • This is the source code for this website!
    • Working on writing more content to outline my skills and current projects. Also, working on SEO in general as the website is ranked very low.
    • Planning to explore a static site generator, maybe Gatsby. Right now, I use React Snap to generate a static site on build.
  • Coduru

    • Source (link)
    • In college, some friends and I started a little company to help companies do a better job interviewing engineers.
    • We built a product that allows candidates to code collaboratively in the browser with their interviewer, run/test their code and video/text chat while they do it.
    • Took our project through Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad program, developing our business plan and pivoting several times. Deck (link)
    • Decided not to pursue the start up post college because we didn't find a business model that would generate us sizable revenue.